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Color Camp - Supply List - 2024 Winter Session

color camp Jan 15, 2024

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You'll want to ensure you have these supplies for Color Camp.

You may have many of these already. If not, you can find everything at a local art supply store or online. Don't be afraid to use what you have on hand.

If you already have similar supplies, it's not necessary to buy the exact supplies listed below. However, the supplies listed below are the ones I'll use in Color Camp.

Essential Art Supplies:

Acrylic Paints - 5 colors:
Primary Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and White. I’m using the Milo brand, but you can use what you have available. Get the Primary Color paint set I use.

Paint Brushes: Small hobby brushes are fine. I recommend a broad flat brush. I use this affordable set. Get affordable brushes I use.

White Paper (Heavy Stock): I recommend Bristol Board. It’s perfect. You can use any white paper you have on hand, but lightweight paper will curl, and textured paper will unnecessarily use a lot of paint. So Bristol is perfect for this course. Get the Bristol Board I use.

Paint Palette for mixing. I’m using one of these, but you can mix paint on anything flat on a white or neutral color. You can use paper plates, real plates, or cheap cookie sheets from the dollar store. Get the Palettes I use.

I'll use Adobe Illustrator on the desktop for most demonstrations of digital tools. Download Illustrator here. You’ll be able to use these skills similarly across other apps. You can use Photoshop, Procreate, or Illustrator on the iPad, but I won’t answer specific questions about those apps. I will be doing demos of a few other apps you can get familiar with, but they aren’t necessary for the course.


Optional Supplies:

Colored Construction Paper and/or Origami Paper. We’ll be working on an optional collage project. You can use colored construction paper or origami paper that you have on hand. Get the Construction Paper and Origami Paper I use.

I’ll also teach an optional lesson in Procreate and Lightroom. They aren’t required but supplemental info for people with them.

Depending on your approach, these items may come in handy: scissors, an exacto knife, a ruler, an apron, black/white construction paper, tracing paper, a water cup, and something to put down to keep your workspace free of paint drips.

*** Pantone books or apps are NOT required for the course.