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Surface pattern design of polka dots on a tortilla in oaxaca, mexico

Polka Dot and Rainbow Tortillas - Colorful Food in Oaxaca

inspiration oaxaca surface design surface pattern design Mar 09, 2023

When I'm in Oaxaca, I love to eat at Criollito. It's an innovative family-indigenous-owned restaurant using native corn and doing spectacular things with its tortillas. The owners, Lily and Ricardo, have been using natural ingredients to give their tortillas vibrant colors and create rainbow tortillas.

The last time I was there, I spent time with Flor at the comal, creating images on tortillas. She made a clown face, and I made a snake. Then the surface pattern designer in me came out, and I designed a polka dot rainbow tortilla.

Then I turned that tortilla into a repeat pattern design in Adobe Illustrator. I made a few versions of it. They all turned out great. 

I get the most inspiration from living in the moment, creating art, and returning to it to build something more significant.

If you're in Oaxaca City, head out to Tlacolula and have a bite at Criollito. You have to try their chile relleno taco. It's incredible!