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How to Copy & Paste with Key Commands in Adobe Illustrator

adobe illustrator key commands Jan 07, 2023

Learning key commands in Adobe Illustrator is essential to your workflow as a design professional. In this short tutorial for beginners, I'll teach you how to copy and paste in Adobe Illustrator using key commands.

What are key commands?

Key commands are shortcuts on your keyboard that access tools and operations with a couple of quick clicks. For example, one of the most used key commands is for "copy". When you have an object (or text) selected, hold the Command key and then the C key at the same time – that object will copy to your clipboard. Now to paste it, hold the Command key and press V. Copy and paste works in most apps we all use every day. For the more advanced designers, I will be introducing new commands for Adobe Illustrator to help your workflow.

Key commands – different on Mac vs. PC

These commands are for a Mac. If you are on a PC, many of the commands are the same but you use Control instead of Command. Some will be different. Key commands can vary from app to app. You can customize key commands in Illustrator as well so they work best for you.

As you work, try to introduce one new key command each week. Start with the actions you use the most. Soon you'll be flying through Adobe Illustrator like a pro!

I'll be posting more key command videos soon to help you with your workflow. You can always search my blog by the tag "Key Commands". If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.