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Create Color Palettes from Scratch with Coolors App — Video

color tutorial video Jan 05, 2023

If you're a designer looking for a way to create color palettes or expand your use of color, Coolors is a great app to get started. There is a website and an app. In these tutorials, I will show two ways I use Coolors to create color palettes. You'll learn how to create color palettes from scratch and how to create color palettes from your favorite photos.

To get started, download the Coolors app to your mobile device. You can also use their website.

Create a Color Palette from Scratch with Coolors

In this video, I'll walk you step by step and show you how to create a color palette easily. You can do this on the Coolors website, but I'm using the Coolors app on my mobile device in this demonstration.

Check out this post on how to use a photo to create a color palette with Coolors.